Activity Range

Scallywaggs Preschool Activities

Our program provides children with a large variety of choice, and activities that they'll actually look forward to.  

Children have plenty of options, ranging from participation in the set activities, play in the themed spaces such as dress up area, board games, art/craft, free play outside or even our homework hub. Children are encouraged to also utililse our range of indoor and outdoor activities (weather permitting).

Our activities include:

  • Sports Activities
  • Art & Craft
  • Games & Toys
  • Cooking
  • Science
  • Drama

Upcoming School Holiday Activities:

  • Mixed Media Play 
  • Excursion to Monkey Mania 
  • Trip to the cinemas
  • Clay Play 
  • Construction Mania - Arts, Crafts + Construction Galore 
  • Science Show Incursion 
  • Plus heaps more!