Settling in
The introduction into long day care can be difficult for children and parents. Children’s welfare and happiness are the priority for staff when welcoming new children to the Centre and when assisting the family to settle into the centre environment. It is recognised that families needs will vary greatly in the orientation process and individual needs will be met as best is possible.

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We encourage parents and children that toys and items of value should remain at home. Often, children's toys can create problems among the children with regards to sharing and taking turns. Children's toy may even become lost or broken. We do not take responsibility for items your child brings to the centre. We encourage children to be responsible for their own belongings and to store them in their own lockers. 

What toys can we bring in, then? 
Security and comfort items for rest time are accepted. However, children are encouraged to leave these items in their lockers when they are not needed. Please try to limit comforters to a soft toy and not a different one to each day.

We've lost an item? 
Please ensure that all belongings are clearly labeled such as dummies, clothes etc. Lost property will be displayed for parent collection in your child's room. Parent co-operation in labelling assists the centre in keeping your child's belongings together. 

Parents are to let staff know immediately if their child has misplaced an item of clothing or other personal belongings. A lost property box is located in the foyer. If items are not claimed within a reasonable time frame, they will be donated to a charity organisation. 

There are lockers for each child to place their personal belongings throughout the day. Your child's bag and belongings are required to be placed in this space so that belongings are contained in one area. Each child is allocated a locker. If your child attends less than five days per week, they will share a locker with another child. 

Your child's birthday is a special event in their life. We are happy to celebrate your child's birthday, however, we prefer to keep it low-key due to the large number that we celebrate.

What can we bring in for my child's birthday?
We recommend parents to bring in individual patty/cup cakes for each child in the room. Please check with you child's teacher prior to birthday, in case of other children having special dietary requirements

Please Note:
We have a nut free policy at Scallywaggs Kindergarten so any food/product that is brought into the centre must not contain nuts or nut traces.
Birthday cake celebrations are usually carried out after lunch.  

Rest and sleep
Rest time routine varies according to individual needs. We aim to make rest time a relaxed, pleasant time for all children. We provide stretcher beds or mats for older children and cots for babies. Your child may wish to bring a security item, pillow or blanket to have at rest time. All children who sleep will be noted for parents in the daily communication charts. 

The children are provided with all of their meals throughout the day, containing most of their nutritional requirements. If your child has any special dietary requirements or food allergies, please inform us so that we can modify our menu to meet your child's individual needs.

What meals are provided?
Morning tea, lunch, dessert, afternoon tea and late afternoon tea. There are four set weekly menus that are rotated over a 3 month period. Each playroom will have current menus displayed. Please feel free to complete a Menu Suggestions form if you would like input into our menu.

Excursions are a great way to interact and learn about the community and our environment. Scallywaggs Kindergarten organises several excursions throughout the year for our older children (2-6 years). 
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Behaviour Management
Staff follow a Behaviour Guidance Management Policy which extends across the whole centre, giving consistency of expectation in all rooms. This policy allows children to develop self-discipline, a respect for others and for property and respect for self.
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We believe the best way to work with you and your child is by building a partnership of care. To do this we want you to feel…
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Our Team
Our Centre is staffed by a team of qualified and experienced staff. All staff employed at our Centre are committed to the well being of the children and possess the knowledge and skills essential for children in their care, and providing a stimulating program.
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Health & Safety:
Scallywaggs Kindergarten’s health and hygiene policies aim to provide a healthy and safe working and playing environment for children and staff.
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