What To Bring

Generally, you will need to pack a small school bag each day for your child. All items need to be clearly labeled with your child’s name.

Children each day require:

  • A sheet set or blankets for rest time
  • At lease two complete sets of spare clothes, appropriate to the type of weather
  • If your child is toilet training, extra clothes and underpants are required
  • A sun hat that shades the child’s face, ears and neck (bucket hat, broad brim or legionnaire style hat)
  • A drink bottle containing water only
  • And if necessary, a comfort toy or security item for rest time.

Young toddlers and babies may also need:

  • Five or more disposable nappies
  • Bottles for formula, milk, juice or water (Formula or breast milk must also be supplied)

We ask that all items be labelled, including all clothing and hats.



Parents are advised to send their children to the Centre in comfortable, inexpensive clothing.

The children need to be able to move around during their play period and should be unimpaired by clothing.

While paints, etc will come out in the wash, accidents do happen so it is best to send the children along in their “less than good clothes”.

Young children enjoy and need “messy” play with paint, clay, sand, water and mud. The Centre will only have a limited supply of spare clothing. Please supply at least one change of clothing and underclothing in case of accidents, for 3‐5 year olds. Please mark your child’s clothing and replace name tags if they fade in the wash.Ensure clothing is weather appropriate. Please ensure that toddlers have about three complete changes of clothing and plenty of training pants. Clothing safety - Please do not dress your child in clothing with cords e.g. shorts, hats etc, as these have the potential to become caught on equipment and may cause serious harm to your child.