Aims For Children

Scallywaggs LearningTo provide children with a learning environment that is safe, welcoming, and secure for the children, families and staff.

To respect the children, their families and staff regardless of gender, race, religion, or culture. We strive to incorporate their cultural and religious beliefs into our program in conjunction with the wishes of the family.

To provide an atmosphere that builds the children’s self of self, encourages independence and decision making.

To provide a stimulating and challenging environment that children are free to actively explore and learn in, which strives to encourage creativity, exploration, investigation and co-operation, developing at their own pace.

To help develop children socially and emotionally by making them aware of all the emotions which can be experienced, and teaching them to deal with those emotions in an acceptable way.

To develop children’s creativity and self expression through art, language and music with the emphasis being placed on the doing, not the end result.

To help children develop confidence in their physical abilities by providing activities to encourage both fine and gross motor skills.

To empower children to be able to verbalise their needs and develop protective behaviour strategies.

To ensure children are provided with a high standard of hygiene and health care.
To provide children with a school readiness program that links up with local schools in the surrounding community.

To ensure the routines of the centre are flexible and change is valued.
To work closely with parents to ensure children are provided with a wholesome, nutritious and balanced diet.

To provide a support network for parents, staff, students and the wider community offering resources and knowledge.