We want your children to feel as comfortable as possible when easing into the OSHC program for the first time. Accordingly, we have developed a strategy to foster a smooth transition for your child.

Before your child’s first session at OSHC, please ensure that you have enrolled and organized with the program coordinator of which day you are starting.

Our team will ensure that your child has arrived to the program and introduce them to other children and the staff. We will monitor your child to ensure that they are participating, enjoying themselves and feeling like they belong. We take it in our stride to make your child feel involved, nurtured and catered for.


We understand that it may be daunting for your child in kinder/prep to make their way to the OSHC centre on their own. We have developed specific support to these children including:

  • All kinders/prep will be picked up and dropped off from their classroom.
  • An assigned staff member specifically for the responsibility of kinders/prep students, ensuring that they feel comfortable, welcomed and happy throughout the program.
  • Range of activities exclusively designed for the needs of younger children.
  • Parents are always welcomed and encouraged to communicate with the coordinator at any time with their concerns, for verbal feedback and so on.


Enrolling is easy. Simply complete our enrolment form paperwork. When enrolling, you will have the option of booking as a casual or permanent user.
Casual bookings – You can make a booking at any time. Please note that if same day care is required that you should contact the program coordinator.
Permanent bookings – You can book certain days in advance that will carry on throughout the year. You can also alter these pre-booked dates by contacting the program coordinator in advance.


We take illness and accidents very seriously at OSHC. When a major accident occurs, a staff member qualified in First Aid will:

  • Assess the injury, then attend to the child and apply First Aid.
  • Check who ever may have come across the injured child’s blood or bodily fluids. These people will then be required to wash any contaminated areas in soapy warm water.
  • Contact the parent/guardian. If we cannot reach them, we will notify them at time of collection.
  • Write a fully detailed accident report which includes the parent/guardians signature.
  • Follow up with our duty of care and monitor the child until they are collected by their parent/guardian. 


Parents must sign a Medication Authorization Form, which includes the child’s name, type of medication, dosage and time to be taken, if we are to administer medication. After the medication has been consumed, this form will be signed by witnessing staff members, followed by a parent/guardian signature upon collection. No child will ever be administered medication without these forms and details.


Should we ever have to implement behavior management we will always respect the child’s rights and self-esteem. Staff within programs will provide a fair and consistent approach, with an emphasis on positive guidance. We encourage all children to behave appropriately and maturely to their individual stage of development.


We value the input and evaluation from all parents/guardians and children involved in OSHC. Throughout the program, we will provide:

  • Parents direct communication and feedback to the program coordinator and OSHC management.
  • Evaluation surveys sent via email to families who use the program.
  • Evaluation surveys available to all children who use the program.



We treat bullying very seriously at OSHC and do not accept it whatsoever. We work very closely with the school to remove any unacceptable behavior. Bullying may fall under the categories of verbal (psychological) or non-verbal (physical).

All students have the right to be free from bullying and feel safe in the OSHC. Permanent exclusion from the program may result, should a child persistently bully.


We have a responsibility to all children in the program to take their duty of care utmost seriously. Management will ensure that staff are aware of all responsibilities and have clear directions when reporting to authorities. For further information please view our policies and procedures at the sign in/out table. 


In situations where custody orders exist, details must be provided in the form of court order paperwork. We require details of who has access to the child enrolled for safety purposes. For more details, please view our policies and procedures at the sign in/out table.


Everyone involved in the OSHC service hold the right to make a grievance order should they feel they have been treated unfairly. The team at OSHC are expected to make every effort to achieve a resolution in a confidential manner.


The team at OSHC manages its program in whole accordance to all relevant licensing guidelines in New South Wales. We are continually expanding on the quality of our programs through the direction of official organizations and legislations.


We use enrolment forms to collect personal data for the purpose of service enrolment. This information is used by administrators for operational purposes only. Your information will not be disclosed to any other party except when required by law.


Please to feel free to discuss with us any issues or concerns that you may have with the staff at OSHC. 


We firmly believe that highly experience, qualified and dedicated staff is the key to our OSHC programs. At all times we comply with regulations when appointing staff to children ratios.

  • All staff have appropriate training and qualifications as required by law. This includes Working with Children Checks, anaphylaxis training, first aid level 2 and food and safety training.
  • We follow the ratio of 1 staff member to 15 children at all times. We have a minimum of 2 staff members at all times present in the program.
  • During excursions and holiday programs, we have a ratio of 1 staff member to 8 children.


We recommend that all families register with the Family Assistance Office before attending the program to receive any valid subsidies.
Child Care Benefit (CCB) – The Child Care Rebate is a payment from the Australian Government that helps working families with the cost of child care. Your income level determines how much CCB you can receive.
Child Care Tax Rebate (CCTR) – This is a rebate that most families are eligible for as it is not means tested. This initiative by the government will provide you with 50 per cent of your out-of-pocket child care costs. 

If you have any questions in regard to your eligibility for Child Care Benefit or Child Care Rebate, please call the Family Assistance Office on 13 61 50.