Our Philosophy


At Scallywaggs Kindergarten we believe each child, family and educator is unique and a valued individual. We value and honour diversity and accept and celebrate differences in people. Each child and their families’ values, cultures, beliefs, abilities and language should be acknowledged, accepted and reflected within the centre’s environment.

We value the importance of childhood as a significant stage of human development in its own right as well as the foundation for all later learning and development. In our work we seek to contribute to all children raising their promise and potential, both now and in the future. We believe that children are capable, competent and active learners, and important contributors in their community.

Learning is..
We believe that learning is a shared journey of both self discovery and change. We believe that it is enhanced in an environment where you feel that you belong. We believe play is essential to children’s learning as children learn through play and that children learn most effectively within an unhurried environment with meaningful, authentic experiences. Play values the child’s ability to “just be” and recognises the importance of early childhood. Play should be fun, exciting, hands-on, challenging, stimulating, relaxing, spontaneous and enjoyable.

Our Families
We encourage each family to participate in the centre’s community and both support and welcome their interests and involvement. We believe that when families are strong and caring, children can experience the complexities of life in safe and secure ways. Our vision for families acknowledges the critical roles of families in raising children. In our work we seek to recognise, support and advocate for families in order to make the vision a reality.

Our Environment
We believe that positive outcomes for children can best be achieved in environment and communities that are free from discrimination, where children can feel they belong and can be safe, and where their rights and views are respected. We create a safe and active learning environment where children come to be enchanted, grow in confidence and take increasing responsibility for their own learning, personal regulation and contribution to the social environment. We believe children should be encouraged and supported to make their own decisions and choices to actively seek and develop positive problem solving skills in a successful orientated environment. We believe a sense of wonder, belonging and love of nature and animals is critical for young children to develop lifelong respectful, positive and proactive attitudes to our environment and to ensure our sustainable future.

As Educators
We believe in nurturing the child’s creativity, imagination, interests and abilities. It is important for us to provide opportunities for the child to experiment, explore, discover, create, investigate, practice theories, problem solve, express ideas and support each other. We also celebrate the children’s play discoveries and learning through reflective meaningful documentation. We believe in the Early Learning Year’s Framework and it being a foundation of our program. Our role is to encourage and support children’s learning interests along with the support of the centre community as a whole. We believe in developing respectful relationships with children, families and fellow educators through open and meaningful communication that is reciprocal. We aim to build a community that enables children to develop a readiness for the transition to school and ultimately a readiness for life. We use positive encouragement and reinforcement as tools to direct and promote behaviours. Through this positive encouragement, we aim to build the children’s self-esteem and well being.